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The Institute of Change Management is the professional body with the mandate to regulate, train and certify Change Management practitioners in Nigeria. Our mission is to build skilled and competent professionals to support businesses, organizations, agencies, institutions etc. as they adapt to a changing world.

Established in 2015 under the Companies Act as a legal entity Limited by Guarantee, the Institute champions change management advocacy, regulates, trainsĀ  and certify members in addition to organizing conferences, seminars and providing the umbrella for professionals to network and share change management experiences which they can leverage to raise their performances.

We provide:

  • Continuous learning opportunities for members through conferences, workshops and training platforms for our members on topical change management issues.
  • Certify members for professional practice.
  • Set the alert tone for any emerging changes.
  • Expose members to global best practices in change management.
  • Offer discount on training and conference participation fees for our members

Our membership cuts across disciplines and is motivated by interest and an over-riding desire to be the best at what you do, to soar and take your career to new levels and attain fulfillment as a change management consultant/professional.

With the speed of change happening at a pace never before imagined, a professional approach to its management has become imperative if we are to secure our future and minimize the impact of its disruptive effects in terms of job losses, business failures, collapsed economy and the resultant psychological trauma which are clearly avoidable when appropriate change management techniques are proactively deployed. Change management skill is no longer a good to have skill, but a critical skill for survival and a requirement for efficient people and resource management.


  • Set and regulate standards for change management practice.
  • Organize conferences, seminars, workshops, webinars and create fora for knowledge sharing.
  • Invest in, and undertake research and development in change management best practices.
  • Lead advocacy in change management in all strata to enhance excellence across the board.