What Is The Institute of Change Management International about?

The Institute of Change Management is a professional association established solely to assist individuals and organizations to strategically manage change in more accomplished ways. The institute is constantly researching ways to minimize the complexity of change management in organizations in order to enhance organizational harmony and productivity.

Why should I join?

Becoming a member provides you with a brilliant opportunity to take your career to a promising height. In addition, our seminars, workshops and conferences present a unique opportunity for learning and knowledge sharing. Taking advantage of this is a lifetime opportunity to distinguish yourself in your organization, accelerate your career progression and position yourself strategically to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is easy. Check out the different membership grades at our website. Based on our admission criteria, find out which grade of membership you qualify for. Fill out an online form, pay the membership fee and submit the form. The form will be processed within days and admission given.

How do I get back my money if my application is rejected?

It is important that you are sure of the grade of membership you qualify for before submitting your application. However, if you apply for a grade higher than the one you are qualified for, our membership review committee will automatically place you on the grade you are qualified for and make necessary refunds to you where necessary. Where you do not qualify at all, membership will be denied and refund made accordingly.

How long will my membership last?

Membership lasts for 12 months and becomes due for renewal on expiry. This is necessary for you to be an active member.

Will I Have Access to The Institute's Research Materials?

All registered members will have access to the institute’s research materials provided registration is current.

What impact will my membership have on my career progression?

Change management remains at the core of business management. The success of every strategic decision involving change revolves around how the people element in the change management programme is handled. The ability to manage changes that continue to happen at lightning speed in organizations and also deliver solutions to key business questions remain the only path to success. Employees and business leaders who possess this skill will continue to deliver outstanding results for stakeholders. Rising to the peak, can only be a matter of time just like the proverbial saying that a gold fish has no hiding place.

Can I have the Institute’s Appellation After My Name?

Yes. Once you become a member, you automatically qualify to use the Institute’s appellations after your name.