Fostering Attitudinal Transformation for Business Success

Course Content
Fostering Attitudinal Transformation for Business Success explores the powerful dynamics of attitudes and how they serve as catalysts for achieving exceptional outcomes in the business landscape. The course equips participants with the knowledge, skills, and strategies required to harness and utilize the power and possibilities of attitudinal change, fostering an environment of excellence across various business domains.
This course will navigate the intricate dimensions of attitudes – cognitive, affective, and behavioural and unveil how they shape individual behaviours, team dynamics, and organizational culture.
By examining case studies, engaging in interactive activities and applying practical tools, participants will gain the insight and expertise needed to orchestrate attitudinal shifts that lead to lasting business success.
Course Duration: Two Days (9am-4pm daily)

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Date: 25 – 26 April, 2024

Venue: Elomax Hotel, 3/5 Emmanuel St, Maryland, Lagos.

Participation Fee: 155, 000 (per participant)

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